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Do you know about our story? The Longs Parkette restaurant was a great place to visit and eat. It set across from the old C-K High School. Several years ago The Longs Parkette restaurant closed. Mike Pancake wanted to bring back the memories of eating and being at the restaurant and he started this cruise-in.

When Did The Cruise-In Start?

The Parkette Reunion Cruise-In started in 2014. Mike Pancake had an idea to start this cruise-In. Mike met with Russell Vance and the next thing you know, A cruise-in started. The idea for the name of the cruise-in came for Ron Ferguson.

The Parkette Reunion Cruise-In is held at the Advance Auto Parts in Kenova West Virginia. The first sponsors were Advance Auto Parts, Kenny Queens Ace Hardware, McDonald’s, and Four V LLC.

This event has grown over the years. Every year it gets more exciting and the amount of cars keeps on growing.

In September we have the 9/11 memorial cruise-in. This is a special time as we remember the victims of 9/11. Also, we have a free concert.

Differences Between a Cruise-In and a Car Show?

A cruise-in does not have trophies and a contest between the cars.

A car show gives out trophies and awards.

The Parkette Reunion Cruise-In is an all makes, all models, monthly cruise-In. It starts in May and goes through September.

Car enthusiasts proudly display their amazing vehicles. You will see a mix of cars every single month and likely something with an engine and wheels that you have never seen before.

Sponsor This Event

To co-sponsor this event and reach NEW CLIENTS, volunteer to help, to donate door prizes, or info on how to get your charity involved, please contact Russell Vance at 304-453-3064 or by email r.vance@fourvllc.com

Contact Our Event Planners

Parkette Reunion Cruise-In 9/11 Memorial

Mike Pancake is the founder and event planner for The Parkette Reunion Cruise-In

Parkette Reunion Cruise-In 9/11 Memorial

Russell Vance is the event planner for the Parkette Reunion Cruise-In